Stop being a poser.
Start being a Christian.

Is your faith for real? How about your walk with God?

If everyone who claimed to love Jesus actually did, this world would be drastically different place. We currently live in a time where being a poser Christian is not only easy, it’s seems to be purposely overlooked-especially when the act of reflecting Jesus is concerned.

Claiming to love Jesus without following him is bogus, fraudulent, and frankly not Christianity at all. God has called you to be set apart, to live authentically, to walk in a genuine Jesus Swagger. He wants followers, not pretenders.

From Christian blogger and pastor Jarrid Wilson, Jesus Swagger is about calling out the phony, showing the pretender the door, and welcoming the characteristics of Jesus with an open soul. If you are suspicious of your own motivations, or even your life as a Christian, it’s time to be honest, come clean, and get real. It’s time to take the Jesus Swagger> evaluation test and start living a life that screams CHRIST FOLLOWER.

About Author

Jarrid Wilson is a husband, millennial pastor, best-selling author, and inspirational blogger.

His articles have been viewed by millions, showcased on some of today's hottest talk shows, and featured on national news stations worldwide. He is a dynamic speaker whose outside-the-box perspectives have gained him national recognition from some of today's most influential Christian leaders and pastors.

His highly unconventional way of sharing faith takes a fresh look at the way Jesus would call individuals to live out their everyday lives. Unafraid to tackle tough and controversial topics, Jarrid is known for his refreshing perspectives on what others may view as set in black and white.  His blog is one of the most talked about faith-based blogs on the web, and his dedication to use social media for the sake of that faith has been paramount to his success as a writer. 

Jarrid and his wife Juli live in Nashville, Tennessee where Jarrid currently serves as the next-gen pastor of LifePoint Church


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